Monday, 17 October 2016

Unsavory Sonnet

Unsavory Sonnet

Can anyone be so thoughtless and unkind
Wrath is pouring out sludge to fill my bowl
Your words have left a bad taste in my mind
My life has been made unpalatable

My disposition usually so sweet
Has turned to humor acidic and sour
Your attitude stinks like wet unwashed feet
It is vomitous to abuse power

Surely you know that is not leadership
To steamroller truth like a highway skunk
Puts me off my feed when your tongue's a whip
Your cheese is ripe blue the smell makes me drunk

My bitterness is so unsavory
It is my desire that you would bite me

*I was feeling so contrary today. The prompt was "savory". With stuff at work and the political debates I had to go the other way and spew this out. *

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