Monday, 31 October 2016



Eternity comes

As time grows shorter it looms

Weaving a fine robe

Righteousness and mercy kiss

Bride price paid carved in God's hand

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Simplicity Complicity

Simplicity Complicity

Finding a simple rhyme is rough
Like don't rhyme tough with through

Trying to keep it simple and clean
Is as overwhelming as a lean wave on the ocean

Sometimes the choices you view are few
Like thread from your new trousseau when you sew

Proper accent may not pass if  you're in Kansas
In all your life you never saw such sass in Arkansas

You will certainly face a lot of laughter
If english you slaughter after you say dafter for daughter

She'll get mad that green eyed freckled ginger
If she sings and you burn or singe her poor singer

I've had a ball and can't recall if I got them all
I'll retire now like an old lady in her small shawl I shall

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Discordant Mope

Discordant Mope
(a double Acrostic)

Disheveled  dude meets demure darling disarray in my head

I feel inverted my heart inside out on on display like a deli

Scrambled signals seem silly now I was scared spitless

Capsizing my heart till you calmed chaos with love's logic

Overturned defenses on my head feet over teakettle oh no

Reversed roles as passive becomes assertive charms the charmer

Dislocating my firm resolve into a donkey jawbone disjointed

Agitated but attracted anxious to taste your ambrosia

Nonchalant I'm not nervous nelly nattering nonsense again

Topsy-turvy we tumble tangled into bed at night

Our crazy love keeps me sane

*Almost half of my wife's poems seem to be about me. It's my turn. This is our story. Years as 'just friends'. Quickly engaged after 'starting' to date. Year and a half before wedding. As for process, I thesaurus-ed the heck out of 'upside down'. I went to rewrite the scribbled list and happened to sort it alphabetically...hey. I put the first letters into a scrabble solver app. Discord jumped out. So in an upside down way got the lines/words 1st then the acrostic out of it. Too bad drocsid isn't a word. It could have been backwards too. Also bonus points to anyone that noticed that 'mope' in the title is a anagram of 'poem'. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the Heart

Christmas season
New year's celebration
Wipe off the dust in the corners
Of my soul what should I
Send to goodwill
And peace
To all
All examined
Some set free some tied down
Freezer burnt compassion chipped out
Hot tears touch icy heart
Flood from melting

...Sea shells

*It got late. I got lazy. This is the last of the Dr. Coffee manual typewriter poems. It also doesn't follow the prompt of  'sea shells' wait. look up there ^ That will confuse those who don't read the fine print.     

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Esscents of Life

Esscents of Life

Southern magnolias and mint juleps afternoons
Western mesquite saddle leather and tumbleweed
These are the scents of direction

Latex rubber chickens and oily clowning greasepaint
Pungent cheese shops and fish slapping dances
These are the scents of humor

Farmer's market earthiness guitar strings metallic oxidization
Musty hymnbooks communion juice anointing oil 
These are the scents of freedom

Christmas spice and pine branches Thanksgiving turkey and sage
St. Patrick's corn beef Halloween candy corn Easter ham
These are the scents of celebration

Coffee breath licorice cigars and manly musk
Cologne Colgate and garlic oil saturating skin from cooking
These are the scents of self

My sister's nail polish my brother's pepsi
My mom's cooking my dad's aftershave my wife's body spray
These are the scents of belonging

This is the smell of success   

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

And I Stand Alone

And I Stand Alone

The transitional time of year has unfolded
The trees have lent their ear to nature's calling
Leaves turn a lively palette of red, orange, purple, and yellow
They dance and spiral through the air with wild abandonment
The fall waltz isn't eternal and undoubtedly comes to an end
Leaving flora's garb like a basket upside down
In depth layers of leaves cover the ground
Strewn haphazardly as sea shells upon the shore
And I Stand Alone

I work downtown giving out parking tickets
Some think it's dangerous some think it's shameful
Mostly it's senseless monotony round and round the block
From the cafes come flowing tantalizing smells
The window signs advertise a variety from sweet to savory
The rich strong odor draws me in for a tasty bowl of soup
Simplicity of white sharp blue cheese hot wings fill the void
I think of my favorite scent of childhood as I pay
And I Stand Alone

I step through the sparkling puddle
The rain's passed good thing my reflective coat isn't porous
The yellow reflects in high gloss windows as i walk by
I see myself flash by out of the corner of my eye
I have a fantastical thought of a 2-D world beyond the veil
In a passing bus window I see the beauty standing beside me
I decide to throw caution to the wind an roll the dice
I turn to her with a big smile to say something nice

And I Stand Alone...

* In case you didn't notice this rambling prosetry vignette used every one of the 31 daily prompts of this years Octpowrimo. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

There were lots of places I went with this. Blood. Garnets, Hero of Angry birds. The colors of Canada and so on. I also wanted to get these poems I had typewritten at Dr. Coffee posted before the end of Octpowrimo. Then it hit me--the Sith. Their color is red especially light sabres. This is inspired by 'The Force awakens'

That Dark Knight

Has occupied
Herself with enterprise
Of great force and of great purpose
She will not go gently
After son or
Will disappoint
Shrug shoulders walk away
But when she asks he'll cross that bridge
Lay bare his burning heart
Jump to great depths
My son
Dark lord

Call of Spiritual duty

Call of Spiritual duty

All hallow's eve is close at hand
Fall colors emblazon the ground
Tall skeletal trees wind stripped naked make a stand
Pall of winter's icy stab is felt all around

Dark cavern hold hoards of twisted creatures fantastical
Hair raising shrieks create a cacophony bombastical
Mark the insidious plans made by a council unecclesiastical
There's one thing in the breach believers prayers monastical

Pray hard and raise the the active living cleaving sword
Sway heaven's blazing angel light brigade to action
Melee with vile hosts of the ancient dread dragon Lord
Dismay their schemes so evil gains no traction

Has your door been invaded by a costumed cutie
Spaz not you ivory tower does not need to be defended
As long as you've done your spiritual duty
Whereas our Father unlike his kids is not easily offended

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Hammer Falls

The Hammer Falls

The hammer falls

The Underwood snaps out words

 The hammer falls

Bang bang Maxwell's dead

The hammer falls

A nail is driven home to build one

The hammer falls

The preacher's fist drives home the point

The hammer falls

The judge condemns the prisoner

The hammer falls

The blood of Jesus sets the prisoner free

The hammer falls

The dulcimer string rings like a bell

The hammer falls

The piano sings out it's songs

The hammer falls

Grandpa can no longer hold on

The hammer rusts

Heaven calls another saint home

*I ignored the prompt for today. This is one of four poems I wrote at a coffee shop. I saved them for Octpowrimo. They had set up a table with a manual typewriter (underwood) and various random people typed whatever came to mind. They may turn it into a self publish book. The crisp stacatto clatter of keys striking paper was satisfying. The repeating line came first. The rest just sort of flowed. Both grandpas were gone before I was born. I didn't know where the last couple of lines came from. Then I realized (as i wrote it back in January ) this was subconsciously about David Bowie/Alan Rickman*    

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Danger Trolaan

Danger Trolaan

Fear is all you have to fear--not true
Forget to pay your taxes and you owe
Fright night poltergeist ghosts that go boo
Flicker of movement deep in the shadow

Each of has a thing that brings sweat like dew
Even though you can't explain you know
Eventually you find there's something you can do
Easy or not look fear in the eye and say no

Are you afraid of mice? smack it with your shoe
Always looking for love? propose to your beau
After facing down a clown tell it to shoo
Allow a marksman to shoot around you with a crossbow

Release your parachute as you plummet through the blue
Reload your rifle and load up on ammo
Run away back lit by the bomb that you blew
Relax meditate take up tae kwan do   

Friday, 21 October 2016

Nature's Calling

Nature's Calling

Come heed don't lock yourself away nature's calling
You'll learn to plant trust in the Master Gardner
Like autumn leaves the hands of time are falling

As you plow through life you will need a pardner
To pluck out sin fear and doubt it takes such toil
You'll learn to plant trust in the Master Gardner

Do not let wild winds plant bad seeds in good soil
From the joyless ashes fresh growth sprouts anew
To pluck out sin fear and doubt it takes such toil

You'll have to wait for resources to renew
After brokenness new life grows from within
From the joyless ashes fresh growth sprouts anew

Rivers flow mountains move though we're born to sin
It's not too late to let love change your nature
After brokenness new life grows from within

Seek His love for it is a seed to nurture
It's not too late to let love change your nature
Like autumn leaves the hands of time are falling
Come heed don't lock yourself away nature's calling

*Part of the poem I almost wrote: 'Expressive Nature' Nature is calling...Nature is crying...nature is screaming...Where will we be when nature is silent. But it ground to a halt. At least I didn't go with my very first thought. 'the call of nature? When I was a kid that meant a euphemism for needing to go to the bathroom...'*    

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Snow White

Snow White

Ice cream
From a black bean
Dark pod brings sweetness white pod brings cotton
Sheets in the wind
Smell of fresh
Clean bright
Soft as wings
Of morning doves
The Prince of Peace made the pure sacrifice
His blood my sins
Once crimson
White as

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Planting of the Lord

Planting of the Lord

want to
be a tree
Rooted steadfast
Flexible and free
dancing against the wind
Bowing before angry storms
Bent bowed sometimes permanently
But not broken bruised not despairing
Strike me with lightening I turn hard as stone
Cut me down I never stop reaching
Hold hope let desire sprout forth
I hold wisdom to my heart
Like hippies who hug me
I'm a righteous oak
Singing for joy
Clap my hands
Come birds
Good soil
Fresh rain
Green leaves
Heal nations
Find still waters
Bear bushels of fruit

*Job 14:7, II Chron. 16:33, Is 55:12, Jer 17:8, Psalm 1:3, 52:8, 92:12-15, 128, Proverbs 3:18, 11:30

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Absurd Word

Absurd Word

Hey how you feeling
My unconscious is a hobo muttering
I don't know when
She left me
A terrorist of senseless violence
Of the heart
Ripped open and screaming
Until I grayed out
Feeling nothing
Locked in the chamber
Of secrets deprived
Of emotional intellect
Struggling to understand
Irrational complexity of humans conditioned
To respond like a drooling hound
Of hell that I'm in
Suffering long 
But not upbraiding
Wishing to re-braid
The tattered threads
Woven on an empty loom
Looming large all the little hurts
Like nettle whips dipped in venom
Stings burns throbs now numb paralyses
On into the sunset
Of our time together
We've made mistakes
Not easily fixed
On the horizon
A few gray days
Don't make a storm
Don't make a big deal
The cards on the table
Set before me
Good choices I'll make them
Work like a dog 
Tired but loyal
To a fault I'll let them slide
Down with me and lay
Your head on my shoulder
The burden bear my soul

*I don't know what this means or where it came from. Somewhere between free verse and stream of consciousness. I kept writing till I ran out of paper then typed it out practically verbatim. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Unsavory Sonnet

Unsavory Sonnet

Can anyone be so thoughtless and unkind
Wrath is pouring out sludge to fill my bowl
Your words have left a bad taste in my mind
My life has been made unpalatable

My disposition usually so sweet
Has turned to humor acidic and sour
Your attitude stinks like wet unwashed feet
It is vomitous to abuse power

Surely you know that is not leadership
To steamroller truth like a highway skunk
Puts me off my feed when your tongue's a whip
Your cheese is ripe blue the smell makes me drunk

My bitterness is so unsavory
It is my desire that you would bite me

*I was feeling so contrary today. The prompt was "savory". With stuff at work and the political debates I had to go the other way and spew this out. *

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stone Rolled Away

Stone Rolled Away
(A double nonet...Octodectet?)

I had a deep emptiness inside

A wide cavern of loneliness

I covered it well I thought

Boulder of bravado

Be loud to distract

Make a false trail

Lead astray

But you


Up close


Never prying

Not going too far

Wanting only to talk

Eroding strong defenses

Hand in hand exploring tunnels

As one finding treasures in the dark

*I noticed after that the shape looks like the stalagmites and stalactites in a cave* 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

One Day Four Seasons

One Day Four Seasons
(A double Musette)

Wind blew

Winter here soon

Lips blue


One Labbat blue


Blue sky

Sunshine tear fills

My eye

Bird song

I want to sing


Too hot

I want to strip

Bad thought

Fall leaves

Blue harvest moon

Grain sheaves

Shame Shaming

Shame Shaming
(A Villenelle)

Some people have got to pour out shame
In person on line behind the back or anonymous writing
Why should the victim take the blame

A stupid kid comes up with the worst nickname
A depraved bully makes you their plaything
Some people have got to pour out shame

College boys seek acclaim with a voracious numbers game
She wants some bling that slut was just a weekend fling
Why should the victim take the blame

Whatever famously is your claim to fame
A jealous troll will scorn and mock everything
Some people have got to pour out shame

I guess the slow moving target has the biggest frame
Do they think their acid tongue has no sting
Why should the victim take the blame

The fight is ripe our basic human rights to reclaim
Don't let bottled words poison your heart's spring
You have got to pour out shame
No victim should take the blame

Thursday, 13 October 2016

No 'range...Rhymes with O?

No 'range...Rhymes with O?

You've just got to go with the flow
Tough thing for a stick in the mud to know
Like a midnight bump on the proverbial toe
Flexibility is key is quite the blow
When your skull is like the forehead of a buffalo
As calm as a bull in the rodeo
Let God have control just let it go
I ain't no teenage queen of ice and snow
I've got a temper like a boiling volcano
Let love flow like sunshine through a window
Sounds like the emperor,  Skywalker's foe
Good good young jedi let it flow let it grow
Don't worry be happy there's always tomorrow
Let bozo play banjo like a psycho on the radio
Not true just because Elton John plays calypso on piano
Soar with the colors of the wind over the rainbow
Not so fun in the middle of a tornado
When a blade of grass pierces your heart like an arrow
Roll with the punches learn mental judo
I'm punch drunk and moving slow
Out of step like a square dancer at the disco
Follow the right hand star till morning glow
No Tinkerbell in my ear just a mosquito
My lost boys are children of nosferateau
Don't rock the boat, man, be mellow yellow
In the river you go nowhere if you don't row
You'll drown if you don't fight the undertow
Follow the flow of the tide and walk when it's shallow
I'd rather surf  the wave hit the barrel carve the hallow
Cowabunga hang 10 hang loose crouch low Mahalo

Wait! It's only dead salmon that go with the flow
No! I will overthrow the apropos
I throw tabasco on my burrito
I wear my big boy pants commando
I throw my dice and break the casino
I wear my freak flag like a weirdo
I jump on my mower and reap what I sow
I stand for justice like a super hero 
I scream sorrow into my pillow
I dance a flamenco mambo fandango tango

Follow me and I will be the flow 

*If this is too sarcastic for you, read just the italics. It's lovely!*

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I have the Right by Law

The prompt is strong. As a kid when I thought of strong, I thought of cowboys, gunfighters and lawmen
I have the Right by Law

I saunter down busy streets
Hand on my holster fingers on my weapon

Some smile and nod I say Howdy
Some look away or scurry from me

My steely gaze flickers to and fro
I miss nothing while seeming not to look

I am looking for trouble
I am looking for lawbreakers

Discordant eerie harmonica plays in my head
Or a driving classical imperious march

My hand drops my weapon appears
My bullets spit out justice

No, I'm not a sheriff in the old west
I'm a parking bylaw enforcement officer

My weapon is an electronic handheld
My bullets are tickets on a window

Just don't you dare call me a meter maid
I prefer (in an imitation John Wayne voice) parking ranger     

All the Lively Leaves...

All the Lively Leaves...
(an acrostic)

All the lively leaves

Leap in a chorus line to the rhythm of the wind

Landing as softly as a butterfly whisper

Tunnels of trees down the lane

Have an infinite palette of fire and sun

Even the half naked tree dances free

Little children squealing run and leap

Into the piles poppa tried to keep neat

Visiting rabbit's hair turn from brown to white

Evergreen trees stand staunchly unchanging

Like soldiers enduring a parade

Yet they tap their prickly fingers to the beat

Libraries of trees

Each lovelier than a poem

Amber umber ocher orange

Violet burgundy maroon pink

Even golden butterscotch lemon yellow

Scarlet crimson red... 

...cover the ground like the blood Jesus shed      

Monday, 10 October 2016

Unfolding Fall

Unfolding Fall

The fall season is now unfolding

See them fly hear the geese honking

Summer is gone the leaves fallen

No more sunburn no more pollen

Don't want to think too hard and make up a reason

To celebrate because this is the fall season

Winter's coming but not quite yet

Rain not snow but still cold and wet

The wind rustles the restless leaves

Like pirate bones when their grave heaves

When the wind picks up and my fingers are numbing

By the chill in the air I know winter's coming 

Sunday, 9 October 2016



Generations of flaws spin through the spiral helix of my skin

Like a beast outside your door coiled to spring

The corkscrew of repentance unplugs the fountain

Joy twists through a heart that's entwined with love

I'm a hefty fellow from a large family

I like food, sweets, and coffee like the rest of my kin

The only time we're not quiet is playing pit or Yahtzee

Generations of flaws spin through the spiral helix of my skin

There are pleasures in the world like a smorgasbord to try

What starts as a joy can have such sorrow to bring

Nothing wrong with a little more your desires will lie

Like a beast outside your door is coiled to spring

Beware what's planted when you seek pastures fresher

Quickly a trembling molehill becomes a volcanic mountain

Try to screw the lid down but it causes such pressure

The corkscrew of repentance unplugs the fountain

You get caught in whirlpool when your sea is storming

The wind whipped vortex tornado touches down from above 

Get thru the souls dark night and joy comes in the morning

Joy twists through a heart that's entwined with love 


My brain is porous
Just cooked Thanksgiving dinner
This is a haiku

Friday, 7 October 2016

Taster's Choice

Almost every day I take coffee break at the Artful Dodger here in Regina, Saskatchewan. It has a great vibe for writing poetry.  I finally earned my free stamp card beverage. "What can I get for free?" "a  coffee or tea" "Maybe mocha or cappuccino?" "I guess" This is what they made for me. It was perfect. I was inspired enough to try a 'Rondel' which I first thought sounded like a singer from a 50's girl group. Here goes.

Taster's Choice

You can taste a soul

By the taste of their coffee

Sweet bitter strong or spicy

Dark plain skim or whole

Some are works of art in a generous bowl 

or a goodwill Styrofoam you only drink for free

You can taste a soul

By the taste of their coffee

Some share their warm maple pecan cinnamon roll

Alternative lifestyles drink healthy green tea

Opening the eyes of your heart is the key

If you want to make open friendships your goal

You can taste a soul    

Thursday, 6 October 2016

I will play

*Today's prompt was not tantalizing me. It just didn't fit today. "How are you?" ,asked the barista. "tantalizing!?!" .I replied...nope "Well, you look tantalizing." No way! It's been raining/snowing for three days straight here."The tantalizing snow cane swirling from the sky." nah. It's almost Thanksgiving here in Canada. So, no tantalizing, inspirational smells yet. So I grabbed an old notebook to wrassle  down some ideas. When I stumbled on this half formed poem about the harmonicas I always carry around with me. A line or two and I'd be done. The laziness was just too tantalizing...

I will Play

Playing in the parkade
Hiding from the rain

Playing in my bedroom
Hiding from the pain

Playing in the market
Trying to make some change

Playing at the bus stop
People looking strange

I play for joy

I play for fun

I play in the night

I play in the sun

I play like a symphony

I play like a midnight train

I play to release the tension

I play to release the strain

When everything else is gone




Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Stay Sharp

Stay Sharp

Sharp as a tack
Sharp as cheddar
Sharp as a blade

I once had a razor wire stiletto tongue
Delighting in popping egos with a poignant point
Sharp as a tack 

My wit is more like a nutty swiss now
Full of holes where my mind was
Sharp as cheddar

We are iron and steel striking sparks
It is your love that keeps me true
Sharp as a blade

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Love is Orchid Rare

Love is Orchid Rare

In the purple rain
Hard and cold as amethyst
A heart full of pride

A magenta mind
Plumbs depths of depravity
Brain dense as eggplant

Rich burgundy soul
Seeks mulberry vanity
And lilac visions

Lusty lavender
Leads to pomegranate stains
Violets can't hide

Bruises like sunsets
Maroon drops of grief distilled 
Crimson stains the wood

As a grape is crushed
Heaven's royal majesty  
Sweet communion wine

Imperial sealed
In the periwinkle twilight
The stone rolls away

The Prince of Peace reins
Scarlet bride can now wear white
Love is orchid rare

Monday, 3 October 2016

I can't see the sparkle

I Can't See the Sparkle

What a miserable day to try to write a poem
When the dismal clouds weep from the sky
I would much rather be hiding at home
I can't see the sparkle

In my car to go to work to make my mark
In the beam the wet road diamonds shine
When I keep myself in the dark
I can't see the sparkle

A lump of rock deep in the earth
Might hide a priceless diamond
When I don't see what I am worth
I can't see the sparkle

A flimsy stick of matchwood sits
Smelling of hell and of sulfur
Until a rough and flinty patch it hits
I can't see the sparkle

With lowered lids she hides her eyes
I don't know what she thinks or feels
Until a tear wells and softly she cries
I can't see the sparkle

One finger softly tenderly lifts her chin
I close my eyes and plant a kiss
Until her gaze reveals what is within
I can't see the sparkle

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Into the Void

Into the Void

Out of void life arose

Arose and gave the first breath

Breath of the divine gives life to a lump of earth

Earth created for our care

Care for our earth as a home

Home and family are the only riches

Riches hoarded rot the soul

Soul and spirit and flesh are at war

War is the great beast unchained

Unchained it devours give it a collar and chain

Chain of command and honest watchmen to see

See the oppressed set free

Free to speak free to live free to love

Love is love is love is love is a choice

Choice for light or dark

Dark is no light cold is no heat

Heat like a thousand suns burn

Burn until earth, sky, and elements melt

Melt back into the void

Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

Time lord
Take time 
Make time
Break time
Play time
Face time
Double time
Half time
Military time
Time after time
Time on my hands
Time on my side
The sands of time
Time waits for no man
Time to pay the piper
Time to do whatever you want
Time flies when you're having fun
Time drags when you're at work
Time to remember the words to the song
"If I could save time in a bottle"
What have you done with your bottle of time?
As a baby, my time bottle nourished me and put me to sleep
As a child, I dipped my wand into time
Time was a big shiny bubble
Hanging in the air and then gone
The time between child and adult
I chugged time with wild abandonment
And lusty cheer
Over time, I developed refinement
I would pour a glass of time
And savour it as a connoisseur
Now, time burns my throat and warms my belly
I sip time slowly, one shot at a time
Time has a spicy, oaky, smoky, earthy flavour
Someday, I'll squeeze my last drop of time onto my tongue
Sigh, and smile, and swallow one last time
After that, timeless void, divine eternity, or reset to zero
I really don't know
I will just be a matter of time