Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Love is Orchid Rare

Love is Orchid Rare

In the purple rain
Hard and cold as amethyst
A heart full of pride

A magenta mind
Plumbs depths of depravity
Brain dense as eggplant

Rich burgundy soul
Seeks mulberry vanity
And lilac visions

Lusty lavender
Leads to pomegranate stains
Violets can't hide

Bruises like sunsets
Maroon drops of grief distilled 
Crimson stains the wood

As a grape is crushed
Heaven's royal majesty  
Sweet communion wine

Imperial sealed
In the periwinkle twilight
The stone rolls away

The Prince of Peace reins
Scarlet bride can now wear white
Love is orchid rare

1 comment:

  1. Seriously... I'm enjoying your poetry. I read it, I read it again and then again. So many layers.