Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I have the Right by Law

The prompt is strong. As a kid when I thought of strong, I thought of cowboys, gunfighters and lawmen
I have the Right by Law

I saunter down busy streets
Hand on my holster fingers on my weapon

Some smile and nod I say Howdy
Some look away or scurry from me

My steely gaze flickers to and fro
I miss nothing while seeming not to look

I am looking for trouble
I am looking for lawbreakers

Discordant eerie harmonica plays in my head
Or a driving classical imperious march

My hand drops my weapon appears
My bullets spit out justice

No, I'm not a sheriff in the old west
I'm a parking bylaw enforcement officer

My weapon is an electronic handheld
My bullets are tickets on a window

Just don't you dare call me a meter maid
I prefer (in an imitation John Wayne voice) parking ranger     

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