Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Planting of the Lord

Planting of the Lord

want to
be a tree
Rooted steadfast
Flexible and free
dancing against the wind
Bowing before angry storms
Bent bowed sometimes permanently
But not broken bruised not despairing
Strike me with lightening I turn hard as stone
Cut me down I never stop reaching
Hold hope let desire sprout forth
I hold wisdom to my heart
Like hippies who hug me
I'm a righteous oak
Singing for joy
Clap my hands
Come birds
Good soil
Fresh rain
Green leaves
Heal nations
Find still waters
Bear bushels of fruit

*Job 14:7, II Chron. 16:33, Is 55:12, Jer 17:8, Psalm 1:3, 52:8, 92:12-15, 128, Proverbs 3:18, 11:30

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