Saturday, 22 October 2016

Danger Trolaan

Danger Trolaan

Fear is all you have to fear--not true
Forget to pay your taxes and you owe
Fright night poltergeist ghosts that go boo
Flicker of movement deep in the shadow

Each of has a thing that brings sweat like dew
Even though you can't explain you know
Eventually you find there's something you can do
Easy or not look fear in the eye and say no

Are you afraid of mice? smack it with your shoe
Always looking for love? propose to your beau
After facing down a clown tell it to shoo
Allow a marksman to shoot around you with a crossbow

Release your parachute as you plummet through the blue
Reload your rifle and load up on ammo
Run away back lit by the bomb that you blew
Relax meditate take up tae kwan do   

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