Wednesday, 26 October 2016

And I Stand Alone

And I Stand Alone

The transitional time of year has unfolded
The trees have lent their ear to nature's calling
Leaves turn a lively palette of red, orange, purple, and yellow
They dance and spiral through the air with wild abandonment
The fall waltz isn't eternal and undoubtedly comes to an end
Leaving flora's garb like a basket upside down
In depth layers of leaves cover the ground
Strewn haphazardly as sea shells upon the shore
And I Stand Alone

I work downtown giving out parking tickets
Some think it's dangerous some think it's shameful
Mostly it's senseless monotony round and round the block
From the cafes come flowing tantalizing smells
The window signs advertise a variety from sweet to savory
The rich strong odor draws me in for a tasty bowl of soup
Simplicity of white sharp blue cheese hot wings fill the void
I think of my favorite scent of childhood as I pay
And I Stand Alone

I step through the sparkling puddle
The rain's passed good thing my reflective coat isn't porous
The yellow reflects in high gloss windows as i walk by
I see myself flash by out of the corner of my eye
I have a fantastical thought of a 2-D world beyond the veil
In a passing bus window I see the beauty standing beside me
I decide to throw caution to the wind an roll the dice
I turn to her with a big smile to say something nice

And I Stand Alone...

* In case you didn't notice this rambling prosetry vignette used every one of the 31 daily prompts of this years Octpowrimo. 

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