Monday, 31 October 2016



Eternity comes

As time grows shorter it looms

Weaving a fine robe

Righteousness and mercy kiss

Bride price paid carved in God's hand

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Simplicity Complicity

Simplicity Complicity

Finding a simple rhyme is rough
Like don't rhyme tough with through

Trying to keep it simple and clean
Is as overwhelming as a lean wave on the ocean

Sometimes the choices you view are few
Like thread from your new trousseau when you sew

Proper accent may not pass if  you're in Kansas
In all your life you never saw such sass in Arkansas

You will certainly face a lot of laughter
If english you slaughter after you say dafter for daughter

She'll get mad that green eyed freckled ginger
If she sings and you burn or singe her poor singer

I've had a ball and can't recall if I got them all
I'll retire now like an old lady in her small shawl I shall

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Discordant Mope

Discordant Mope
(a double Acrostic)

Disheveled  dude meets demure darling disarray in my head

I feel inverted my heart inside out on on display like a deli

Scrambled signals seem silly now I was scared spitless

Capsizing my heart till you calmed chaos with love's logic

Overturned defenses on my head feet over teakettle oh no

Reversed roles as passive becomes assertive charms the charmer

Dislocating my firm resolve into a donkey jawbone disjointed

Agitated but attracted anxious to taste your ambrosia

Nonchalant I'm not nervous nelly nattering nonsense again

Topsy-turvy we tumble tangled into bed at night

Our crazy love keeps me sane

*Almost half of my wife's poems seem to be about me. It's my turn. This is our story. Years as 'just friends'. Quickly engaged after 'starting' to date. Year and a half before wedding. As for process, I thesaurus-ed the heck out of 'upside down'. I went to rewrite the scribbled list and happened to sort it alphabetically...hey. I put the first letters into a scrabble solver app. Discord jumped out. So in an upside down way got the lines/words 1st then the acrostic out of it. Too bad drocsid isn't a word. It could have been backwards too. Also bonus points to anyone that noticed that 'mope' in the title is a anagram of 'poem'. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the Heart

Christmas season
New year's celebration
Wipe off the dust in the corners
Of my soul what should I
Send to goodwill
And peace
To all
All examined
Some set free some tied down
Freezer burnt compassion chipped out
Hot tears touch icy heart
Flood from melting

...Sea shells

*It got late. I got lazy. This is the last of the Dr. Coffee manual typewriter poems. It also doesn't follow the prompt of  'sea shells' wait. look up there ^ That will confuse those who don't read the fine print.     

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Esscents of Life

Esscents of Life

Southern magnolias and mint juleps afternoons
Western mesquite saddle leather and tumbleweed
These are the scents of direction

Latex rubber chickens and oily clowning greasepaint
Pungent cheese shops and fish slapping dances
These are the scents of humor

Farmer's market earthiness guitar strings metallic oxidization
Musty hymnbooks communion juice anointing oil 
These are the scents of freedom

Christmas spice and pine branches Thanksgiving turkey and sage
St. Patrick's corn beef Halloween candy corn Easter ham
These are the scents of celebration

Coffee breath licorice cigars and manly musk
Cologne Colgate and garlic oil saturating skin from cooking
These are the scents of self

My sister's nail polish my brother's pepsi
My mom's cooking my dad's aftershave my wife's body spray
These are the scents of belonging

This is the smell of success   

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

And I Stand Alone

And I Stand Alone

The transitional time of year has unfolded
The trees have lent their ear to nature's calling
Leaves turn a lively palette of red, orange, purple, and yellow
They dance and spiral through the air with wild abandonment
The fall waltz isn't eternal and undoubtedly comes to an end
Leaving flora's garb like a basket upside down
In depth layers of leaves cover the ground
Strewn haphazardly as sea shells upon the shore
And I Stand Alone

I work downtown giving out parking tickets
Some think it's dangerous some think it's shameful
Mostly it's senseless monotony round and round the block
From the cafes come flowing tantalizing smells
The window signs advertise a variety from sweet to savory
The rich strong odor draws me in for a tasty bowl of soup
Simplicity of white sharp blue cheese hot wings fill the void
I think of my favorite scent of childhood as I pay
And I Stand Alone

I step through the sparkling puddle
The rain's passed good thing my reflective coat isn't porous
The yellow reflects in high gloss windows as i walk by
I see myself flash by out of the corner of my eye
I have a fantastical thought of a 2-D world beyond the veil
In a passing bus window I see the beauty standing beside me
I decide to throw caution to the wind an roll the dice
I turn to her with a big smile to say something nice

And I Stand Alone...

* In case you didn't notice this rambling prosetry vignette used every one of the 31 daily prompts of this years Octpowrimo. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

There were lots of places I went with this. Blood. Garnets, Hero of Angry birds. The colors of Canada and so on. I also wanted to get these poems I had typewritten at Dr. Coffee posted before the end of Octpowrimo. Then it hit me--the Sith. Their color is red especially light sabres. This is inspired by 'The Force awakens'

That Dark Knight

Has occupied
Herself with enterprise
Of great force and of great purpose
She will not go gently
After son or
Will disappoint
Shrug shoulders walk away
But when she asks he'll cross that bridge
Lay bare his burning heart
Jump to great depths
My son
Dark lord