Sunday, 29 October 2017

Baited Breath

The autumn wind is a kitten at play
Nibbling at my neck with frosty nips
Icicle claws take my breath away

Tail twitching stirs leaves an unseen moray
Bursting in air a red orange apocalypse
The autumn wind is a kitten at play

Leaves and wind in effortless ballet
Swans on the lake wind chilly kicks
Icicle claws steal my breath away

Downtown tower tunnels wind in ambush lay
Mischievous scamp up to old tricks
The autumn wind is a kitten at play

Soon more rough than tumble is the way
Wind grips and rips and strips and whips
Icicle claws tear my breath away

The wind howls as the hell hounds bray
Thin veil torn wind takes form in eclipse
The vicious wind a were cat come to slay
Icicle claws steal my breath awww...

(A villainous villianelle )

Saturday, 28 October 2017



Lash out

Out loud thoughts

Feedback helps set tone

False peace means no changes

Listen and we move forward

'Conflict handled right will strengthen'

Friday, 27 October 2017


After a shower

My honeysuckle smells sweet

Sweet enough to eat

After some pruning

Pull back petals taste nectar

Down my sticky chin

Tantalizing taste

Makes hunger rise up for more

Inside to finish

My mind so far

When I was young my mind was chaotic good
As i grew my mind found connections 
A young adult I thought myself a zen master
Nowdays I'm just a space cadet

I was a little crazy not bad or mean
I believed what I saw on any screen
Ideas are matches my thoughts firewood
When I was young my mind was chaotic good

I opened my eyes and my mind
Saw God, the universe and everything intertwined 
It all kept on spinning despite my objections 
As i grew my mind found connections

No control over the world I'd control myself
Ignore pain  but still couldn't force stuff off the shelf
Meditation and music can't avoid disaster 
A young adult I thought myself a zen master

I've found solace in the living word
Went from wandering hippie to distracted nerd
A war or trek amongst stars help me forget
Nowdays I'm just a space cadet

Thursday, 26 October 2017



That clawing need

Never quite goes away

Then I met her satisfies my


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

True Love

Meet me in the garden
Meet me at midnight 
Midnight moonlight 
Midnight rendezvous 
Rendezvous with you
Rendezvous Deja vu 
Deja vu look at you
Deja vu like a movie
Movie madness 
Movie makeout
Makeout in the dark
Makeout in the park
Park in lover's lane
Park bench by Starlight 
Starlight star bright
Starlight express
Express your self 
Express your feelings 
Feelings nothing more than feelings 
Feelings of love 
Love in all its forms 
Love is my anchor 
Anchor in the quiet Bay
Anchor in the storm 
Storm the gates 
Storm the castle
Castle in the sand
Castle captures knight 
Knight moves
Knight kneels to his lady
Lady and the tramp 
Lady marmalade 
Marmalade sweet and tart
Marmalade muffins the morning after
After the battle for Hogwarts 
After all this time--always
Always on the sunny side 
Always and forever 
Forever in blue jeans
Forever and ever 
Ever after 
Ever shall I sing
Sing with the angels
Sing with passion
Passion that will enflame
Passion that will remain
Remain true
Remain in love

Monday, 23 October 2017

Hot Rods, Marble Quads, and Toga Wads

Iris was a messenger for gods

She and her sister were at odds

Golden one got all the lauds

'Arks' liked the boys with bods

They liked flying broads

But they were clods

Zeus sent squads

Mean frauds


(A nonet. )

...he ripped off her irridescent  fairy wings like a child with a fly.
Anytime a goddess tries to get a leg up by letting men get a leg over it ends up in pain, shame, disgrace, and despair.
Be prepared to live in hell.