Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hodgepodge Collage

This is not a poem so much as a fevered rant
A strange brew a leftover stew
Made out half formed unused lines and ideas
A psychiatric catharsis a purging of the brain
So pretty much like anything else I've posted

I have turned my wife into a poetry widow
Each night as she lay sleeping
She dreamed she had me in her arms
When she awoke and was mistaken
She raised her head and she cried,
"Get to bed dummy"
But when she had read what I had written
Once again I was her sunshine her only sunshine

The computer beast lurks in the corner
Glaring at me and mocking
It was such a cute little plant
When I plucked it in the enchanted forest
I casually fed it a few harmless dead words
It wanted bloody ones ripped from my heart
Now it calls "Feed me Markie Feed me"
As soon as I wrest one from breast
It plants three more in my brain

I always start with half doubt and trepidation
Half with excitement and joy
I end up having a conversation
With a couple of my personalities
'Oh crap it's OctPoWriMo again we'll fail'
'We did a poem a day for three years in a row'
'but this year we're just too busy'
'If we do even a haiku we got something done'
'But it's so much work...'

I hear--the rain coming
I see--music notes floating in the air
I smell--a rat twitching
A bully playing nice
Wrinkling his nose like he thinks 
I smell

I don't believe in magic
Because magic doesn't believe in miracles
Or the one who performs them
Magic is a flashy exchange
Of truth for cheap imitation
God created the world out of nothing
Poof-these flowers just appeared
Jesus fed 5000 out of a handful of lunch
Tada-where do all these scarfs come from?
Then he walked on water
Shazaam-I rise up in the air(ignore the harness)

If I won some dough
I wouldn't let it change me although
I've never been rich so I dunno

If I won some dough
I'd get some lessons learn the oboe
Pay a master to teach me taekwondo

If I won some dough
I'd buy a conservative foreign car-a Peugeot
Take a week off visit friends say hello

If I won some dough
I'd go skiing at my new chateau
Cozy up to a warm fire with a cold Bordeaux

If I won some dough
I'd buy Indy's hat and a bra worn by Ms. Monroe
Maybe a tardis and watch my flux capacitor flow

If I won some dough
I'd pay HGTV for my reality show with a pro
To build a castle on my 1000 acre plateau

Scratch scratch scratch
Oh no its a no go no dough-DOH

(I drop the mic) BOOM screeeeeeeeeee


Friday, 30 October 2015

A Sensual Poem

Your prompt today is to write a poem that incorporates each of the senses (Or I guess if you want, focus in on one of them?) Free for all on the form, but go one by one with see, feel, smell, hear, and taste. Tell me a story or tell me a memory. Really put the reader into that fleeting moment of life so that in every way those words are alive. Let them be the truth of the moment.

I stole my wife's form.

I see
Good times coming
What you are not saying
Time moves I now recognize what
I see

I hear 
The coming storm
The snap and the salt of
The seascape swells it is your glance
I hear

I taste
Sweet victory
Spitting out stale defeat
Eyes on my lips your smile the light
I taste

I feel
Your feathery
Desire stir words stroking
Libido raised flesh miming how
I feel

I smell
The fire raging
The sparks fly smokey nod
Juices boiling spicy lava how
I smell

Thursday, 29 October 2015

It is Finished

It is finished
Our saviour cried
Finished complete
Salvation won

It is finished
My mother cried
Cried over me
Pain forgotten

It is finished
Young Markie cried
Puzzle defeated
Shoelace well tied

It is finished
Jones weakly groaned
His last essay
Bible school done

It is finished
Mark softly sighed
The ring the end
No more just friends

It is finished
His soul mate groaned
Wedding day done
But not the night

It is finished
She deeply sighed
Last box packed in
We live here now

It is finished
He soon will cry
Twenty Fifteen

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


1. Write something

2. Record it out loud

...Watch youtube...

...Read poems...

...Go make another coffee...

At least I did 1.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Days End

My happy ending

Not massage or fairy tale

Days end warm soft wife

My perfect ending

My daily new beginning

Whimsy and whersy

Monday, 26 October 2015

Deeply Long

Long lean cool
Cool marble on bare back
Back against the wall against the pillar
Pillar of the community
Community society pages
Pages waiter for another drink
Drink ironically desperately alone
Alone in a smilingly vicious crowd
Crowd pleasing games
Games no one truly wins
Wins losses fails scandals
Scandals spin webs of half truth
Truth is a commodity quickly traded
Traded love for image
Image of the ice queen crafted
Crafted carefully to protect
Protect a heart scarred by cold shoulders
Shoulders knotted with heavy secrets
Secrets that would shatter and cut
Cut ties unbound whip the face
Face the music soft safe classy
Classy lady unapproachable stands
Stands wrapped in smooth cloak
Cloak the fear hold in the loneliness
Loneliness burns deeply

Deeply                Long

Video Vanguard

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember your most beloved childhood toy? Was it a well-loved teddy bear missing a button eye? Did you have a Transformer that was the best thing ever? Or were you like me and instead of a favorite toy, you had a favorite blankie. Whatever happened to it? Do you remember a story about the toy? Do your remember why it gave you so much joy? Tell us about your childhood favorite it today's poem.

When I was very young I needed no toys
My imagination was my playground
Get outside go play it's healthy
A good stick was all I needed
It was a sword, a bow, a rifle, and a walking stick

Then one September I got a breakout gift
I was the first kid in town to own an Atari console
The other kids went berzerk and came to play
I was the center of a tempest with no defender
They would joust for pole position on the couch

Then Santa and reindeer came like space invaders
As a field of asteroids falling everyone got one
No longer on like donkey kong the gauntlet gone
The adventure was over no combat for my favor
I had discovered a pitfall of fame deferred

I was never ahead of the console game again
But that did start my life long love of video games
I met my Ms. Pacman running in a maze
She smiled at me and my heart went pong
Together we spend our nights playing games
FYI any words in italics are the titles of Atari games  

Saturday, 24 October 2015

I'll Hang on if You Hang on to Me

Come on let's spoon
It's not too soon
To try

While we entwined
We have climbed
Too high

Something I knew
Never want you
To sigh

I've had enough
I'm not too tough
To cry

Not meant to daunt
But I don't want 
To die

Survive this thing
And there's a ring
To buy

Do not lose hope
Look for a rope
To tie

Are our wings wet
Did we forget
To fly


Prompt: Anyways today I'm thinking about the greatness and smallness of things in comparison to each other. Also about how small things fit as pieces to a whole.

Word Prompts:




Sentence Prompts:

Just a chip...

The spark lit...

And so we danced...

Form: Pleiades -- Only one word is allowed in the title followed by a single seven-line stanza. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title.a popular haiku and tanka poet, added her own requirement of restricting the line length to six syllables



Small beginnings not spurned

Simple seed lush tree spread

Slip of the tongue bridge scorched

Soft answer hot rage soused

Step of faith ride the sky

Seven lamps lit whole world seen

Single blood drop souls saved


Based on Zechariah 4:10

Friday, 23 October 2015

Three Chords to the Truth

There is something I've realized through the years
Automatic autos give me a yawn emission
You may think I'm giving you the gears
But I prefer to drive a standard transmission

As stories go this one's a real zinger
You may think I'm being false but haughty
But in my career as an amateur singer
My voice has been compared to Pavarotti

I have loved women and they liked me I'm sure
Now you may not believe the truth of this version
I made the choice to fight hard to keep my self pure
I was the inspiration for the 40 year old virgin

40 years minus 3 days makes 39 not 40 the truth
 I never learned to shift and clutch in my youth
If you hadn't guessed it you don't have to be blue
The truth is actually rather sad but it is true
"Young man you ain't no Pavarotti"
She double negatively compared me 


Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Ballad of the Balladeer

One more song
They always shout for more
One more time
They're humming it out the door
One more line
I'll make it up as I go along
For I am the balladeer dear
I am the balladeer
I have always loved to talk
Then I learned to read
Then I started to write
Now I have all the worlds I need

I Loved to tell stories
To bring you along
I would write poetry
I could turn into a song

I've sung in church
I've sung in the shower
When I started busking
I discovered my power

Now I sing at the coffee shop
Or find any open mic night
I sing all day at the art festival fair
Rock the covers as a new verse I write

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Act One

I met a girl at a poetry group
Group of writers become a ring of friends
Friends just friends we would say
Say little feel much spend a lot of time
Time turns seeds into stubborn roots
Roots entwine leaves break the surface
Surface of the moon in my heart
Heart jumps floating free and easy
Easy to feel hard to put into words
Words my forte locked inside
Inside a bus she breaks the spell
Spell it out spit it out as the miles roll
Roll out the red carpet spread the news
News travels fast and so does love set free
Free to dance to sing to shout
Shout it from the rooftops let the bells ring
Ring on her finger hand in hand
Hand me a tissue this is only act one
One heart one flesh one love 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Dear Old Me: a Letter Never Sent.

A letter 
Never sent sits there
But useless
A missile in a silo
Nice to have not send

Dear someone
This is not about you
But its me 
No really
I take poison hope you die
One way therapy

I suppose
Writing's a form of
A leech a lance a lozenge
A catch all release

Dear young me
Don't be so naive
Dear now me
Keep writing
Don't be so judgemental please
Dear old me take care

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Door to Nowhere.

I am constantly surprised
When a I open a wardrobe
And it doesn't lead to Narnia.

I am constantly surprised
When I check the mail
And see no letter from Hogwarts.

I am constantly surprised
When I hear a knock at the door
And it isn't the Cat in the Hat.

I am constantly surprised
When I step-open a metal trash can
And no one says 'Help me Obi Wan...'

I am constantly surprised
When a storm builds on the prairies
And I don't end up in Oz.

I am constantly surprised
When the wind rattles my window
And it's not Peter and Tinkerbell.

I am constantly surprised
But never disappointed.
I may seem like a sceptic,
But my heart is a dreamer,
And I'm not the only one.

Transparent Mosaic

Love runs in many streams from the delta of truth.

It all has to end somewhere near the heart.

I'm a mosaic made from the shell I broke out of.

We are born without masks, screaming.

Many pains teach us the chameleon's lesson.

Love runs in many streams from the delta of truth.

When lies flow easy and layered.

A waterfall of scarves from a conjurers' sleeve.

It all has to end somewhere near the heart.

I thought to be transparent was to shatter.

I only broke and fell to pieces.

I'm a mosaic made from the shell I broke out of.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Delicious Shipwreck in a Parallel Dimension

O stormy sea
O stormy sea
Walk on my heart as ghosts
Walk on my heart as ghosts
My stormy heart
As ghosts walk on the sea o

I hit the shore sounding with a crunch
I hit the shore sounding with a crunch
To build up my life wind blowing
To build up my life wind blowing
Shore up blowing I hit the wind
Sounding with a crunch to build

In her shadow I am lighter
In her shadow I am lighter
In her eyes I see myself
In her eyes I see myself
I am lighter in her eyes
I see myself in her shadow

I am lighter as ghosts blowing in the wind
To build up my life in her shadow
O stormy sea in myself sounding with a crunch
I see her eyes hit my heart I walk on shore 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Faithful Dreamer


Always wishing

Staging the dialogue

Choreographing defeat of



Saving the world saving the day

Go home do chores start job

Takes strength to be 


Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap between

Dental bridge so you can smile

Deal cards to play bridge

Captain on bridge

Burning bridges

Tight rope 

High wire life

What is your quest

Choose red no blue arrgh

Choose Jesus behold the cross

Bridge the gap between

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Thanksgiving is This

October is autumn
October is thanksgiving
Thanksgiving for Canadians
Thanksgiving for families
Families celebrating
Families coming together
Together there is joy
Together there is love
Love the weather
Love the leaves
Leaves are turning
Leaves are falling
Falling in love all over again
Falling back for daylight saving
Saving leaves in a scrapbook
Saving memories in an album
Album of music on the stereo
Album of photos on the mantle
Mantle full of heart
Mantle full of art
Art of war
Art of the sale
Sale of the century
Sale of decorations
Decorations for the house
Decorations for the yard
Yard covered in leaves
Yard covered in cobwebs
Cobwebs in my mind
Cobwebs covered in spiders
Spiders on the spout
Spiders on the wall
Wall to wall carpeting
Wall to wall costumes
Costumes cute and creepy
Costumes sexy and scary
Scary faces carved into pumpkins
Scary faces haunting the street
Street flooded with families
Street flooded with fun
Fun for kids
Fun for all
All have waited
All for this
This is Halloween
This eerie night

Monday, 12 October 2015

The 26 Foot Balderdash

I'm gonna get serious about writing serious poetry...soon.

 I am a poet, a smith, a veritable husbandman of words.
Like a tree, words have roots, they grow, and split into branches
The sun causes different shades. The fruit varies in size and weight.
I love them. I chew them up and spit out the seeds.

Word seeds mix with the new soil, with other environments
Over time the apple word develops a wide array of colourful hues.
The taste of the word is sweeter, juicier, or perhaps more tart.
There is a golden, delicious, gala of meanings.

The problem comes when comparing apples or rhyming oranges.
This is where the analogy runs into a tree and crashes.
Now I get weird, cheesy, and puny; which is what I do best.
I stared at a prompt list of words and went crazy.

Susquehanna: Isn't that the female version of Sasquatch?
Talisman: The banana counter. He tallies them before daylight.
Moiety: The quality of being a stooge. (see also curley or hi-larity)
Woebegone: An ACME spray product to get rid of troubles.

Bucolic: A. a baby scared into an upset tummy. B. a kind of plague.
Gambol: To play away your money and have to skip a meal.
Offing: The penultimate step in a mob negotiation.
Fugacious: A good fellow willing to forgive. (ie Fuggedabuddit)

Bungalow: A dead buffalo used to plug a hole in something.
Untoward: Moving away from. (Lit. me in a unitard)
Pancea: Thinly sliced smoked Italian bacon.
Balderdash: A. Breaking an orb. B. A less hirsute short foot race.

I am a poet, a smith, a veritable husbandman of words.
I love them. I chew them up and spit out the seeds.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Abecedarian Haikus

I'm in a nonsense mood.

Ay bee sea dee eeh

Eff gee haich eye jay kay elle

hem aen oh pea queue

Arrgh hess tea you vee

Dub el ewe ex why and zed

Alpha Omega

Saturday, 10 October 2015

One Peaceful Day

I'm going to be lazy and contrary. Instead of being wild, free, and uninhibited, I'm posting a poem I have already written. I wrote it on World Peace Day in September. I play a phone game called Bonza with a daily word puzzle. One day it was 'rhymes with peace'.

I wish I could leave a better world
For my nephew or niece 
I  want there to be peace.

I wish I could wrap up all kids
In a blanket made of fleece.
I want there to be peace.

I wish we all could fly free
Like a happy flock of geese.
I want there to be peace.

I wish we treated the earth
Like God had leant it to us on lease.
I want there to be peace.

I wish we didn't shame women
For being flirty, strong, or obese.
I want there to peace.

I wish people didn't hate someone
Just because they're named Omar or Maurice
I want there to be peace.

I wish the colour of your skin
Didn't make you a target for the police.
I want there to be peace.

I wish that all the violence
Political and domestic would cease.
I want there to be peace. 

88 Shades of Blue

I went down the rabbit hole on this one. (Incidentally or not there is a shade of blue called Alice) My poor wife thinks I'm crazy. Yesterday's prompt was about color. I thought of a weird bit I did when I started playing harmonica. "I'd like to play you the blues...COBALT...Wah Waaaaa Wah  Wah... PERIWINKLE....ect" I thought of researching a couple shades and making a quick poem. Next thing I knew a couple of hours and many web pages later, I had written down over a hundred hues of blues. I had also read about root words of the tints, historical record of the colors used in art, the significance of blue to many cultures, the architectural use of blue in archaeology, and the history of the blues in America. It was late so I ripped off a haiku about the colors of life. Today, I tried to put all my pages together and my wife reminded me that the prompt is about the four(or 6 or 7) elements. Soon I was lost in the 'elements' of different traditions, philosophies, beliefs, fictions, faiths, and even chakras. Now I'll try to mesh them together.

I am sky blue. Believe in the divine. Egyptians say Amur rides the wings of air, but he's blue so we can't see him. Ah l'ciel. I long for the wild blue yonder. Fly an Aero-plane. Join the Air Force and secure our air superiority or just look for Amur or God.

I am cobalt blue. My shades are created by heat. Fire forged sintered at 1200 degrees of life. Not as iron dark as a Prussian, but tough enough. Some days I'm cyan poisonous, unstable phtalo, or envy tinged cerulean. The lava crucible of repentance skims away the impurities and makes me true.

I am aqua blue. I want to float peacefully aimlessly. I want to sail and see the world. Travel to Carolina, Capri, Catalina, Honolulu, Japan, Spain. Study the ocean, the sea. Join the Navy to train to be an ultra marine. I could get a yacht and say I went to Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, or Eton like a good imperial yankee who was a cadet and cheers for the Dodgers. Splash water in my face. Wake me up.

I am sapphire blue. It was a color of my wedding. It grounded me. I was brought back to earth. My eyes and ring finger b'dazzled. We dug precious stones out of each other. Azurite insight. Lapis lazuli truth. Moonstone patience. Turquoise communication. From a few resolute pebbles we are building a mountain vista.

I am slate blue. Metal men are only looking for a heart. I may wish I was a man of steel. Harsh words grind me to powder. A word fitly spoken apples of gold in pictures of silver. 

I am indigo blue. A tree firmly rooted. Life and growth make my woods enchanted. I am sustained by blueberries and honeydew. I'll put on some denim and you a bonnet. We'll gather flowers for our love bower my beau. Look!There's iris, violet, lavender, cornflower, and periwinkle. There's a peacock and nest of baby robin's eggs. If anyone tries to disturb us I won't be a pansy. I'll grind up some woad, paint my pictish face, pray to Saint Patrick, wear royal blue like King Arthur, and duke it out till we have liberty.

I am electric blue. The storm builds like summer midnight dark sky in the prairie afternoon. I grumble distant thunder inside. I pray that *ZAFFRE*ZOMP* you don't get hit by lightening words. They are bright, hot, uncontrolable, and leave burnt bridges in the night.

I am iceberg blue. There's more going on below the surface. I don't intend a cold shoulder. I am simply blizzard blind lost inside my own mind. The hoar frost plugs my ears. I am unfrozen sometimes only by your tears.

I am celestial blue. This space cadet has wandered in the infinity of the cosmos. These stars worshipped by ancient Persians, Egyptians, Byzantines, Mayans and Romans. Some day I hope to be space commander.

I am rhythm blue. I weep the blues. I relax in a bluegrass state of mind. I play taps for those we lost. Men salute the flag and banners of blue in old days as the ship sailed by. It meant a shipmate was killed in duty. I play jazzy off key blue notes as surreal as Picasso's blue period. I play hymns that let the light shine in like cobalt used to make stained glass windows. Now I'm not so blue.

Friday, 9 October 2015


She's all my colours

Love is the hues in between

We paint life with joy

Thursday, 8 October 2015


I don't usually watch sports on purpose. If it's the finals or people get together with snacks to watch a game, sure. In Saskatchewan football fans are fanatically rabid for the green team--Goooo Riders. When some offered me free tickets, I said 'why not?' I started writing down a couple of words to describe the experience and this happened:























Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Brave Little Haiku

I was pretty uninspired today. Every time I thought about the word 'Brave' scenes from the Disney movie with that title popped into my head. So I wimped out and wrote a brave haiku.

Teenage highland  heart

As wild as her copper mane

eyes rolled saves the brats 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Love from Alpha to Omega

Love comes in many forms. It is planted in our DNA. How does God love me? let me count the ways. This idea came when we went through a sermon series on Psalms. A verse flashed on the screen about His great goodness and wonderful works. That caught my poet's attention and soon I was madly scribbling, but it wasn't sermon notes...

God's     Accepting Adoration Amazes me.
God's     Bountiful Beauty Blesses me.
God's     Capable Care Comforts me.
God's     Deep Devotion Defends me.
God's     Eternal Exhortation Encourages me.
God's     Fantastic Faithfulness Fulfills me.
God's     Great Grace Guides me.
God's     Heavensent Healing Humbles me
God's     Irresistible Invitation Influences me.
God's     Joyful Jubilation Justifies me.
God's     Kingly Kindness Keeps me.
God's     Lifelong love lifts me.
God's     Mighty Majesty Moves me.
God's     Noble Narrative Nourishes me.
God's     Overflowing Offering Overwhelms me.
God's     Perfect Peace Persuades me.
God's     Quiet Questioning Quickens me.
God's     Regal Royalty Raises me.
God's     Steady Sustenance Surprises me.
God's     Tough Test Teaches me.
God's     Unceasing Understanding Upholds me.
God's     Valiant Victory Validates me.
God's     Wonderful Work Wins me.
God's (e)Xhilarating (e)Xultation (e)Xcites me.
God's     Yearning Yen Yokes me.
God's     Zealous Zion Zests me.        

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Magic of October Skies

The title is a mishmash of Van Morrison lyrics from the song Moondance. It also touches on the prompt about magic. Knowing OctPoWriMo was coming up I tried to get a couple poems ready ahead of time. On the first day of fall, it was a perfect Autumn day. A few mad scribblings at breaks pumped this out.

Waiting for the bus is so cold.
I shuffle my feet and feel old.

The leaves I stir go wild.
Soon I'm kicking piles like a child.

The wind gleefully joins the game,
Making mini-tornadoes in my name.

It barrels into a golden tree top.
Leaves explode in a slo-mo firework pop.

A cold wind knife twists and shoves.
For the first time I need gloves.

The air has smells I can almost taste.
What's next--pumpkin spice toothpaste?

The opaque sky spins its silver web.
The sun is a cocoon in its cottony bed.

Misty rain settles on what is still green.
Sparkles spring into a diamond sheen.

The breeze peels back the sky's comfy quilt.
Sun rays pour through and yawning light is spilt.

The noon sun is hot enough to burn my hair.
I wish I was on a beach somewhere.

My comfy coat is a sauna now.
I remove my gloves to wipe my brow.

I strip own to just my uniform shirt.
My shoes cook my feet that start to hurt.

The lemon setting sun makes the sky buttery.
Its a light bulb seen through chamomile tea.

I arrive home to the dying light.
Stuffy windows open to the cool night.

I trudge to my cold bed wondering on the way,
'How can all four seasons dance through just one day?' 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Time Flies--So Swat 'em.

People make plans and set time tables, schedules and charts

Like a puppet I am forced to dance to the pendulum

If I misstep and stumble I have pay the piper

Come early stay late to show you care

Incentives and veiled threats

That's the carrot dangled

To make an ass of me

I go for miles

But never

Seem to



Or anywhere


If I don't do anything

Put my head under the covers

Time doggedly continues to  march on

I can't stop it, I can't fight it I may as well join

I'll watch the clock I'll set a timer I'll leave home early

I even wrote this poem before midnight this time I guess I win

The Gist.

Orphan is chosen

The villain is connected

The team saves the day

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Partytime! Excellent!

Cloud (def)#2 [a state or cause of gloom, suspicion, trouble, or worry.]
I took the prompt yesterday as 'emotions posted as poetry' 
Somehow this turned into a political rant on political rants.
Canadians may notice some subtle references to our leaders.

Partytime! Excellent!

It's a disgrace
All this mud in my face
slung from your political machine

Like an ape in cage
Screaming with rage
It's the bystanders covered in faeces

It's a circus, a parade
Call the piper, the harper, the band
The party wagons are circling

Some are born to it
Half wolf half sheep
To keep going you need some true dough

Some are a puppet on a string
Just a mouthpiece made
From a wood block by toy master, Duceppe

Some claim to be strong
And have a back bone made of steel
But they're young, broke and opted for tin

It makes me ill
A little queasy and green
So let the chips fall where they may

So many are hurting
So many hungry and broke
What's your plan to give 'em all care?

Like the saying goes
At least you have choices
So choose the lesser of two weasels