Saturday, 29 October 2016

Discordant Mope

Discordant Mope
(a double Acrostic)

Disheveled  dude meets demure darling disarray in my head

I feel inverted my heart inside out on on display like a deli

Scrambled signals seem silly now I was scared spitless

Capsizing my heart till you calmed chaos with love's logic

Overturned defenses on my head feet over teakettle oh no

Reversed roles as passive becomes assertive charms the charmer

Dislocating my firm resolve into a donkey jawbone disjointed

Agitated but attracted anxious to taste your ambrosia

Nonchalant I'm not nervous nelly nattering nonsense again

Topsy-turvy we tumble tangled into bed at night

Our crazy love keeps me sane

*Almost half of my wife's poems seem to be about me. It's my turn. This is our story. Years as 'just friends'. Quickly engaged after 'starting' to date. Year and a half before wedding. As for process, I thesaurus-ed the heck out of 'upside down'. I went to rewrite the scribbled list and happened to sort it alphabetically...hey. I put the first letters into a scrabble solver app. Discord jumped out. So in an upside down way got the lines/words 1st then the acrostic out of it. Too bad drocsid isn't a word. It could have been backwards too. Also bonus points to anyone that noticed that 'mope' in the title is a anagram of 'poem'. 

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