Thursday, 6 October 2016

I will play

*Today's prompt was not tantalizing me. It just didn't fit today. "How are you?" ,asked the barista. "tantalizing!?!" .I replied...nope "Well, you look tantalizing." No way! It's been raining/snowing for three days straight here."The tantalizing snow cane swirling from the sky." nah. It's almost Thanksgiving here in Canada. So, no tantalizing, inspirational smells yet. So I grabbed an old notebook to wrassle  down some ideas. When I stumbled on this half formed poem about the harmonicas I always carry around with me. A line or two and I'd be done. The laziness was just too tantalizing...

I will Play

Playing in the parkade
Hiding from the rain

Playing in my bedroom
Hiding from the pain

Playing in the market
Trying to make some change

Playing at the bus stop
People looking strange

I play for joy

I play for fun

I play in the night

I play in the sun

I play like a symphony

I play like a midnight train

I play to release the tension

I play to release the strain

When everything else is gone




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