Thursday, 13 October 2016

No 'range...Rhymes with O?

No 'range...Rhymes with O?

You've just got to go with the flow
Tough thing for a stick in the mud to know
Like a midnight bump on the proverbial toe
Flexibility is key is quite the blow
When your skull is like the forehead of a buffalo
As calm as a bull in the rodeo
Let God have control just let it go
I ain't no teenage queen of ice and snow
I've got a temper like a boiling volcano
Let love flow like sunshine through a window
Sounds like the emperor,  Skywalker's foe
Good good young jedi let it flow let it grow
Don't worry be happy there's always tomorrow
Let bozo play banjo like a psycho on the radio
Not true just because Elton John plays calypso on piano
Soar with the colors of the wind over the rainbow
Not so fun in the middle of a tornado
When a blade of grass pierces your heart like an arrow
Roll with the punches learn mental judo
I'm punch drunk and moving slow
Out of step like a square dancer at the disco
Follow the right hand star till morning glow
No Tinkerbell in my ear just a mosquito
My lost boys are children of nosferateau
Don't rock the boat, man, be mellow yellow
In the river you go nowhere if you don't row
You'll drown if you don't fight the undertow
Follow the flow of the tide and walk when it's shallow
I'd rather surf  the wave hit the barrel carve the hallow
Cowabunga hang 10 hang loose crouch low Mahalo

Wait! It's only dead salmon that go with the flow
No! I will overthrow the apropos
I throw tabasco on my burrito
I wear my big boy pants commando
I throw my dice and break the casino
I wear my freak flag like a weirdo
I jump on my mower and reap what I sow
I stand for justice like a super hero 
I scream sorrow into my pillow
I dance a flamenco mambo fandango tango

Follow me and I will be the flow 

*If this is too sarcastic for you, read just the italics. It's lovely!*


  1. I love the whole thing but I did go back to experience just the italic version which was lovely. Awesome job!

  2. Nice use of the italics to set apart the depth.
    "As calm as a bull in the rodeo" - oh, been there.

    Today's poem:
    Coming Clean. Because a change of season is good reason to let the breeze in