Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

Time lord
Take time 
Make time
Break time
Play time
Face time
Double time
Half time
Military time
Time after time
Time on my hands
Time on my side
The sands of time
Time waits for no man
Time to pay the piper
Time to do whatever you want
Time flies when you're having fun
Time drags when you're at work
Time to remember the words to the song
"If I could save time in a bottle"
What have you done with your bottle of time?
As a baby, my time bottle nourished me and put me to sleep
As a child, I dipped my wand into time
Time was a big shiny bubble
Hanging in the air and then gone
The time between child and adult
I chugged time with wild abandonment
And lusty cheer
Over time, I developed refinement
I would pour a glass of time
And savour it as a connoisseur
Now, time burns my throat and warms my belly
I sip time slowly, one shot at a time
Time has a spicy, oaky, smoky, earthy flavour
Someday, I'll squeeze my last drop of time onto my tongue
Sigh, and smile, and swallow one last time
After that, timeless void, divine eternity, or reset to zero
I really don't know
I will just be a matter of time


  1. ah yes, recognition...also re style- I looked at a page about poetry styles and saw one called' diamante' and here I notice an example

  2. I found this poem intriguing, I love the free association going on within it and the journey at the end. Visiting from OctPoWriMo.