Monday, 24 October 2016

Call of Spiritual duty

Call of Spiritual duty

All hallow's eve is close at hand
Fall colors emblazon the ground
Tall skeletal trees wind stripped naked make a stand
Pall of winter's icy stab is felt all around

Dark cavern hold hoards of twisted creatures fantastical
Hair raising shrieks create a cacophony bombastical
Mark the insidious plans made by a council unecclesiastical
There's one thing in the breach believers prayers monastical

Pray hard and raise the the active living cleaving sword
Sway heaven's blazing angel light brigade to action
Melee with vile hosts of the ancient dread dragon Lord
Dismay their schemes so evil gains no traction

Has your door been invaded by a costumed cutie
Spaz not you ivory tower does not need to be defended
As long as you've done your spiritual duty
Whereas our Father unlike his kids is not easily offended

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