Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Absurd Word

Absurd Word

Hey how you feeling
My unconscious is a hobo muttering
I don't know when
She left me
A terrorist of senseless violence
Of the heart
Ripped open and screaming
Until I grayed out
Feeling nothing
Locked in the chamber
Of secrets deprived
Of emotional intellect
Struggling to understand
Irrational complexity of humans conditioned
To respond like a drooling hound
Of hell that I'm in
Suffering long 
But not upbraiding
Wishing to re-braid
The tattered threads
Woven on an empty loom
Looming large all the little hurts
Like nettle whips dipped in venom
Stings burns throbs now numb paralyses
On into the sunset
Of our time together
We've made mistakes
Not easily fixed
On the horizon
A few gray days
Don't make a storm
Don't make a big deal
The cards on the table
Set before me
Good choices I'll make them
Work like a dog 
Tired but loyal
To a fault I'll let them slide
Down with me and lay
Your head on my shoulder
The burden bear my soul

*I don't know what this means or where it came from. Somewhere between free verse and stream of consciousness. I kept writing till I ran out of paper then typed it out practically verbatim. 

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