Thursday, 27 October 2016

Esscents of Life

Esscents of Life

Southern magnolias and mint juleps afternoons
Western mesquite saddle leather and tumbleweed
These are the scents of direction

Latex rubber chickens and oily clowning greasepaint
Pungent cheese shops and fish slapping dances
These are the scents of humor

Farmer's market earthiness guitar strings metallic oxidization
Musty hymnbooks communion juice anointing oil 
These are the scents of freedom

Christmas spice and pine branches Thanksgiving turkey and sage
St. Patrick's corn beef Halloween candy corn Easter ham
These are the scents of celebration

Coffee breath licorice cigars and manly musk
Cologne Colgate and garlic oil saturating skin from cooking
These are the scents of self

My sister's nail polish my brother's pepsi
My mom's cooking my dad's aftershave my wife's body spray
These are the scents of belonging

This is the smell of success   

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