Tuesday, 11 October 2016

All the Lively Leaves...

All the Lively Leaves...
(an acrostic)

All the lively leaves

Leap in a chorus line to the rhythm of the wind

Landing as softly as a butterfly whisper

Tunnels of trees down the lane

Have an infinite palette of fire and sun

Even the half naked tree dances free

Little children squealing run and leap

Into the piles poppa tried to keep neat

Visiting rabbit's hair turn from brown to white

Evergreen trees stand staunchly unchanging

Like soldiers enduring a parade

Yet they tap their prickly fingers to the beat

Libraries of trees

Each lovelier than a poem

Amber umber ocher orange

Violet burgundy maroon pink

Even golden butterscotch lemon yellow

Scarlet crimson red... 

...cover the ground like the blood Jesus shed      

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