Friday, 30 October 2020

Let Go Let God

 Let Go Let God

I was young once so wild and free

Playing in sun running with wind

Just me

I was a teen in on the scene

Playing it cool played for a fool

Damn zits

I studied hard partied harder

Paper in hand--"want fries with that?"

In debt

Earned a chef hat elbows in grease

Drank up my tips nothing left but

Burn scars

I helped people with challenges

I was poured out weary burned out

Let go

Heard mission bells soup kitchen cook

Part time chaplain weary burned out


I'm not my past or my failures 

Not who I was or what I did

Let go

I've learned to breathe and be at peace

Lay burdens down give up control

Let God

Free to stay

 Free to stay

My eyes have been set

Down the disappearing road

Wanderer in heart

Dreamed I'd make it far

Looking toward distant shores

Stayed home twenty years

Two hours away

At my first stop stayed ten years

Found a life and wife

The folks moved away

My love wanted to follow

Ten more years are gone

I never did no 

Wandering after all that

My roots set me free...

...To stay

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Sci-Fi Fable

 Sci-Fi Fable

As a little sprite in my bed at night

0pen my window  bathing in moonglow

Sound of passing cars gazing at the stars

Dream of stellar trips in sleek rocket ships

Blasted off to heights hit city street lights

Floating near jet set a real space cadet

And the only stars Hollywood boulevard 

Only wars I see? Fights on T.M.Z

Villainy bar come wretched hive of scum

Drinking a Major Tom from an old tin can

Depression has pull like a dense black hole

Lost in space today home far far away

The moral rings true in what I've been through

Shoot for stars and moon lose ties and maroon

Wednesday, 28 October 2020



Believe in magic

Unexpected results flow

Pure wonder restored

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Bizarre Bazaar

 Bizarre Bazaar 

B izarre thoughts strange times

I rregular sleep patterns 

Z any faces in the mirror 

A bnormal goofball that's me

R evenge  of the weird

R eMARKable nerd eccentric geek

E xtraordinary non athlete flaky freak

B azaar collection of unusual toys

A bberant behavior not quite deviant

Z oned out zonked out zzzzz

A typical spectrum respect 'em

A vante-gard style whimsical poems

R hythms outlandish pentecostal=unorthodox?

Idiosyncratic: when your role models and media representation  that you most identify the entire cast of the Muppets!

Sunday, 25 October 2020

An Ode in 6/8 Time with Solo Riffs

 An Ode in 6/8 Time with Solo Riffs

(Dedicated to John Yusik who was taken Oct. 22 2020. [6/8 time=6 syllables/8 line stanzas)

I met John in the mission in drug recovery program. He was doing very well. Started attending Vineyard church on Sunday nights with me. Became fully involved, on worship team ect. Met Gila, dated, married, they had a baby girl(now 11-12 yr old), and got a good job. I moved here. One month ago saw Gila on Facebook no pics/mention of John. In private messages she told me he had relapsed, she had to kick him out, and they didn't where he is. Yesterday she posted that he had passed away on Thursday. Its bittersweet.

Kamloops town shit went down 

In North Van. Had a plan

Bottom hit tried to quit

Mission bound freedom found

Life in gear Jesus near

Was his friend ear to bend 

Vineyard church end of search

Got a life blessed with wife

In the basement electric guitar in hand. He would play for hours. When the hunger called he would play and scream and cry til the storm went by. He taught me some funky chords and alternate tunings. Sounds like celtic alien opera bled from his fingers. Acoustic blusey worship for morning group devotions would wrench your heart.

Married guy wife and I

Got to hang laughter rang

Board game nights 'Men in Tights'

Out to shows friendship grows

Baby bump hurdle jump

Got some work earned that perk

Child come like the sun

Shadows chased big grin placed

I could see it wasn't easy. He was a worrier when he should have been a warrior. When settlement money came south Saskatchewan was calling our name. Family waiting. "I know it its flat, Johnny boy, but no avalanches, rock slides, or forrest fires, besides,  the sky is wide open and sunsets last forever."

Marching time takes our prime

Paths we crossed connection lost

Decade flew hardly knew

Got a look on Facebook

Of his spouse girl and house

Saw no John had he gone?

Back to pain lost in rain

No more song now he's GONE

He fed the monkey on his back. It finally consumed him. I had hoped and wished for better. For a wonderful while he had it. His wife is a glorious Valkarie Phoenix who will rise from the ashes of a life he left to burn. He did one good thing. Her name is Adrienne. His girl is the best half of him left to shine. 

Life is not as easy as 1+2+3=success.  Real life is more like trying to solve an equation that involves algebra, calculus, advanced geography, and quantum physics in a hurricane. He got caught up in the...









I sigh i change i try

 I sigh I change I try


Had a dream

Back when I was young

To be a stunt man on film

Tumble down stairs jump my bike

I am old and fat

Just stand up




Had a dream

To be a rock star

I got myself a guitar

Learn some chords learn some songs

Now I'm in the park

Just busking




Had a dream

Thought I was a writer

Work life distractions ball dropped

Since I found Octpowrimo

Every October 

Now I can